I have been writing and performing music since I was in my teens. Citylinear music, in collaboration with Eastlight Records, distributes my music physcially and digitally to the world. I have been involved in various live and studio projects and collaborations. These are the main projects that I have most recently worked on. Many of these have releases on iTunes and other outlets, or can be purchased directly by contacting through this site.

Cardinal Arms is my acoustic music. It is my main music project. It has been described as indie, post hardcore, emo, and urban folk. The debut demo "The LiOn FIre" EP is available on iTunes and in digital and physical outlets worldwide. The newest album, "Brother WIngs" is currently in the mastering process with our goal being a Spring 2018 release.

Lightborn was my spoken word and hip hop personae. Lightborn drew international attention after the third release "The Psychology of Fire" which featured Maylay Sparks and Killah Priest of Wu Tang Clan. The album had been on hip hop top ten lists in the states and in Europe. The style is spiritual and esoteric, and shades of the lyricism can still be found in my more recent spoke work poetry. The other releases "Angel of Def" and "Battle Plans" EP are also available.

Overbrook is my band. It is shoegazey, indie, post punk. The debut release "August" will be available digitally in 2018.

The Phoenix Veil is experimental, mostly instrumental, heavier music. The Phoenix Veil is a concept project, with the imagery, atmosphere, and symbolism focusing on spiritual observation and ascension. The sound is influenced by doom metal, shoegaze, and experimental hardcore.



























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