Lightborn is an MC, turntablist, and spoken word artist from Philadelphia. Lightborn's deep, esoteric lyricism and original style of hip hop style has generated interest and respect in the U.S. and abroad. Lightborn's debut album "Angel of Def" made waves in the East Coast underground, and the second album "The Psychology of Fire" which features Wu Tang Clan's Killah Priest, and the legendary Maylay Sparks has made Lightborn's expression common knowledge in the worldwide underground hip hop market from the U.S. to Japan to France to Australia. WIth few live performances which usually are advertised to a limited audience or done unannounced, the mystery and elusive character of Lightborn adds to his depth and the expression of his vision. Having shared stages with Reef The Lost Cause, HMD, Catastrofiks, and the world fusion music band Animus, Lightborn continues on a musical journey which he describes as more of a mission than an artistic endeavor. Lightborn's third album and final solo album, "The Atlantean in The Infenro" is scheduled for release early 2011. Lightborn will continue to produce and collaborate on other projects after this release, such as Cubist iLL Life and A Clockwork Purple. To contact about sales, live shows, or spoken work poetry performances, please contact

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